Lakeview Painting Party

Are you ready to paint?

Hi church!  Exciting news… we are set to paint and we need your help!  The office and children’s wing of our new construction has been spackled and sanded and we’re ready to jump in this January and put some paint on the walls!  With social distancing concerns, we’ve chosen to personalize this project to host family-size units at different times rather than planning one gigantic paint party. 

Each room will need one coat of primer and two coats of a neutral-colored paint (so it will likely mean coming more than once).  What helps a lot with this project is that there aren’t any floors or drop ceilings in place yet, so there’s not a lot of detail/ trim work involved!  We will have all the paint and supplies here on hand.

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Tip: (Max of 6 except for the extended classroom which can hold 8)

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Tip: We are working to accommodate you and will schedule in such a way that you won’t have to worry about crossing paths with other people.